Analisis Kemampuan Komponen Arus Kas untuk Memprediksi Perubahan Laba di Masa yang Akan Datang

Theresia Setyawati, Eliya Isfaatun


Financial performance is an indicator of the company’s success in managing its business. Financial performance is reflected in the profits from the company within a period. Earnings changes indicate changes experienced by the company’s financial performance.
Study tested the ability of cash flow as a predictor of financial information. And cash flow is used as a predictor of financial performance of the company. Previous research proved that the cash flow is able to be a predictor for earnings in the future (sugiri, 2003). While this study tested the ability of cash flows in predicting the financial performance of company in the future. Predictive ability of cash flow statement components tested by looking at the influence of the components of cash flow in year t to year t earnings changes and t-1. This research focuses on the financial performance that is measured to test whether changes in earnings and cash flow from operating activities may affect earnings changes in the future. Is the cash flow from investing activities can affect changes in the earnings and future cash flows from Is financing activities may affect future earnings changes to come. Analytical methods used to test the hypothesis that using multiple linear regression. T-test results showed that the sig to cash flows from operating and financing activities were above 0.05 so the hypothesis is rejected , while the t test for cash flow from activities of the investments was below 0.05 so hypothesis is accepted. F test results indicate that the level of sig below 0.05, so it can be said that simultaneous cash flow from operating activities, cash flows from investing activities and cash flows from financing activities affect earnings changes in the future.
Keywords : Financial performance, cash flows, operating activities, activities of the investments, financing activities, future earnings.

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